Car Seat/Capsule-Life Span Recommendation

Car seats are made primarily of 3 materials: plastics, fabric and impact foams. The number one reason car seats are meant to be disposed of after 10 years is that those plastics and foams age and degrade especially with repeated and prolonged exposure to UV rays, extreme heat, extreme cold, etc. Over time that degradation can make those plastics and foams extremely brittle and can limit their ability to withstand a crash safely.  Think about using a plastic item for over 10 years and they have sat outside that whole time, chances are they would be weakened and nowhere near as strong as they were when brand new. The same thing goes for the materials in a car seat. Brittle materials that can’t take an impact are NOT the thing you want to depend on when it comes to the safety of your child. The other reasons car seats have a 10 year recommended expiry date, is that over time the harness, tether and ISOFIX straps can all stretch and weaken again leading to less safety …
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Helpful tips to prepare your pram for sale

Prams are one the most expensive baby items that parents buy. Most families end up with more than one pram to meet different needs. Once it has served its purpose it is time to get some of your investment back! A little bit of work cleaning it can get you a higher sale price. Here are some tips to help!   CLEAN IT UP! Do you remember how shiny and clean your pram looked when it was new? Your potential buyers want to see it at its best too! If the wheels and frame are dirty wash it off. Follow the manufacturers instructions for cleaning and spot treating the seat, hood and basket fabric. Try to remove any stains if possible and wipe down the harness straps then straighten them so they look nice and neat. You can easily clean it up using supplies you have at home. Particularly for the expensive, popular prams, taking the time to clean it up could get you a much higher sale price. The popular alternative to clean up your own pram or car seats is to get it…
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