Helpful tips to prepare your pram for sale

Prams are one the most expensive baby items that parents buy. Most families end up with more than one pram to meet different needs. Once it has served its purpose it is time to get some of your investment back!

A little bit of work cleaning it can get you a higher sale price. Here are some tips to help!



Do you remember how shiny and clean your pram looked when it was new? Your potential buyers want to see it at its best too!

If the wheels and frame are dirty wash it off. Follow the manufacturers instructions for cleaning and spot treating the seat, hood and basket fabric. Try to remove any stains if possible and wipe down the harness straps then straighten them so they look nice and neat.

You can easily clean it up using supplies you have at home. Particularly for the expensive, popular prams, taking the time to clean it up could get you a much higher sale price.

The popular alternative to clean up your own pram or car seats is to get it professionally done. They will ensure not only the fabric, hood and basket is clean, they can also clean up the frame and wheels which really finishes off the look! We have a team of Partner Businesses throughout Sydney that you can go to and also if you get it cleaned with one of them your ad will also stand out on The Baby Alley as Professionally Cleaned.


Parts & Accessories

Ideally you have the accessories that came with your pram. Double check everything you have and list it all for potential buyers so they know exactly what is included in the price.

Also be sure to mention if anything is broken or a piece has come off something. It may even be worth checking the price to replace them to get a higher sale price.


Decide on a Price

Typically you could list it at half of the new model price depending on the age of the pram, the condition of the fabrics and frame, the amount of accessories included and any broken parts.

You should also compare other comparable prams and see what they are priced at.

Other determining factors that affect your sale price may be if you have a pram that is a common model and there are currently a lot on the market it may not be able to get top dollar. Prams that are high end or harder to find may attract more attention from potential buyers.


Take great photos of the Pram

Just like anything else for sale, from clothes to cars, the pictures are an important tool. Once you have cleaned up your pram, take it somewhere with good light to take some photos.

Try to keep the background clear so as to not distract the buyer. Extend the hood, straighten the wheels and harness straps and display any accessories neatly.

Make sure the photos are clear and in focus. If you have any damage that you have mentioned in your ad then also include a photo of them, This will help save time for you and potential buyer and it allows them to decide right away if the damage is a deal breaker.

November 4, 2020 3:53 pm

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